General Photography Policy

We want our shoppers to enjoy their shopping experience and we are happy for you to take photographs of and film your family and friends at our shopping centre. However, we are also committed to protecting the security and privacy of staff and members of the public at our centre and have developed this policy to explain what kinds of photography, filming or other recording you are and are not allowed to do at our shopping centre.

We simply ask for your co-operation in helping us and our security staff to ensure that this policy is complied with in a common sense way.

The Kinds of Photographs You Can and Cannot Take

You may take photographs of and film (i) your family and friends (ii) other people who give you their express permission and/or (iii) the shopping centre[s] generally (i.e. the public areas of the building[s] and architecture, but not the non-public areas of the building[s] or our security systems and procedures).

Such photographs and films must only be taken in public areas and be for your personal, private, non-commercial and lawful use, and must otherwise comply with this policy. If you want to take photographs or make films for commercial purposes or for purposes other than your own personal and private use you must first obtain our permission.

Please respect other people’s privacy. You must not photograph or film people who are not your family or friends unless they have given their express consent. We understand that other people may appear in the background of photographs of your family and friends and other people who have given their express permission. We do not object to this, provided those other people are not the focus of the photograph or film and you have not deliberately included them. The shopping centre is a public and family place, so the nature and content of any photographs and films must respect that.

Whether you can take photographs or films in or of each individual store (e.g. a shop or restaurant) is a question for the store. Some stores may have different policies to us, you should ask them before taking photographs or films in or of their stores but, as a minimum, you should comply with this policy.

Photography and Filming At Events Run By Us

You are welcome to take photographs of and film events run by us (for example celebrity appearances, fashion shows, Christmas and children's themed holiday events) and the people participating in them. This policy still applies to those photographs and films so, for example, you must not include people who are not your friends or family without their express permission and you must not make commercial use of the photographs and films.

Of course there may well be a higher than usual level of photography and filming at our events, so other people may feature in the background of your photographs and films (and you may feature in other people’s photographs and films).

Protecting Security and Respecting Privacy

So we can protect the security and respect the privacy of staff and members of the public at our shopping centre, we (and our security staff) may approach and question any member of the public who we reasonably suspect is taking photographs or filming in breach of this policy and ask to see the photographs or films of those people to check if they comply with this policy.

Where You Need Our Consent To Photograph / Film At Our Shopping Centre

If you wish to take any photographs, film or record for commercial (business purposes) or non-private use (non-personal photography including educational study tours) or for purposes not permitted in this policy, you must first seek permission from Queens Square’s Centre Management and you will be required to sign a copy of our Commercial Photography / Filming Policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this policy or how it applies to you, please contact Queens Square’s Centre Management on 0121 553 4694 or

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